Crumbly Crunchy.

I constantly toggle between wanting to be a granola, a prep, and a slob. I’m one of those people on Pinterest who pins a lot of paleo recipes and stuff about exercise and healthy living but then I go buy a bag of jumbo gummy worms and eat the whole thing. (You think I’m kidding). Well, yesterday, I did a ton of research about using essential oils to treat migraines and anxiety (both of with I’m currently medicated for), and I actually think I’m going to give it a try. The hubs is on board with it which was going to be the biggest hurdle, at least in my mind.

Since I’ve decided this, my granola-o-meter has gone way off the charts. Today I decided that it would be a good idea to try oil pulling for the first time. I took my coconut oil in the shower and put a nice glob in my mouth. I promptly threw up a little and spat it all back out. It’s things like that that remind me that I’m not cut out to be crunchy.

And since I already had the oil in the shower, I thought I would try to use it as hair conditioner. That’s natural and good for you, right? Well the damn stuff doesn’t come out so I ended up using the hubs’ chemical-laden Head and Shoulders to get it out. I really suck at being healthy.

I also had the rest of my gummy worms for breakfast. At least though, I’m going to ditch most of my medications and give essential oils the good college try.

I gave the prep thing a good college try too until I was unsuccessful at getting my laptop sleeve monogramed. Looks like I’m going to be stuck in slob mode for the rest of the week.

Anyway, I graduate in like a month so that’s weird. I thought I’d post a picture of myself so that I can remember what I looked like a month before graduation.

Photo on 4-1-15 at 10.03 AM

I’m looking a little rough because I had a minor panic attack last night. No biggie. Life is stressful. Once I taper off the SSRI for anxiety and start the essential oils, I’ll update. Hopefully they’ll work and I can start advocating them like someone who actually knows!


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