As of a few minutes ago, my UGA account balance reads $0.00. Yesterday (Monday, June 1), I got an email from the assistant director of financial aid that I have ~almost~ been awarded for my summer classes. He saw that I am taking pre-calculus as well as chemistry, and I didn’t include pre-calc on this super important financial aid form that is the whole reason I even get aid for the post-bacc program. He said I had to email my contact over at the UNC Chapel Hill Medical School so that she could basically confirm that I need to take pre-calc. This is bullshit though, because the only reason I’m taking pre-calc is because it’s a mandatory co-requisite for UGA to take with chemistry. Like, I couldn’t even register for chemistry without also registering for pre-calc. I tried to explain this to the financial aid guy, but he said I still have to get written confirmation from the med school to get aid for the class.

So I emailed this poor woman. I would like to say that this woman doesn’t know me from Eve. We spoke on the phone once in March and had a little bit of email communication, and she very happily and readily filled out this form for me so that I would be able to do the post-bacc program. I sent this long and rambly email trying to explain to her the situation, and I added that I was sure she wouldn’t remember be, but I would so appreciate it if she could help me out one more time.

SHE GOT BACK TO ME WITHIN THE HOUR AND ALSO EMAILED THE GUY ON HER OWN ACCORD AND INCLUDED HER PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER IF HE HAD ANY QUESTIONS FOR HER. GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN FROM UNC CHAPEL HILL. It is solely because of her that I am able to take the pre-med classes at UGA. I’m trying to find a mailing address for their admissions office so that I can send her a card or something (if any of my followers happen to know, if you could tell me that would be awesome)! Anyway, so UGA got that confirmation email, and I did my entrance counseling and master promissory note, and today my loans went through on my student account. I had to pay an $80 parking fee (worth it, because my parking lot is awesome and I won’t have to take a bus at all to find my classes), and as of right now, I owe absolutely no money to the University of Georgia.

I have my schedule. I have my books. I have a parking spot. All I have to do is show up. I am officially a pre-med student.


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