Fresh Ink!

I got a new tattoo today! I am EXTREMELY excited about it! I got my first tattoo three years ago when I was freshly 19, and it was one that I picked out two years before. Because I think it’s smart, I consider tattoos for many years before I actually get it on my body. Here is the first one I got:


For being three years old, I think it looks awesome. While I would sort of like to get it touched up, it’s on my ribs and I’m too much of a wimp, so I’ll just leave it alone. It has a super special meaning to me, because when I was a sophomore in high school, I was taught to make origami cranes by an exchange student from South Korea. From that day on, I’ve made a paper crane close to every day. By the time I graduated high school, I’d made well over a thousand. They’re so special to me. With the cranes, it was the first thing I could remember doing that I had never seen anyone else do. It was something particularly unique to me, and remains so to this day. So I got the tattoo to remind me that I don’t always have to do whatever I see other people doing, and that being myself is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, moving on to the one I got today! I decided about this tattoo right after I got my crane, but it took me three years to feel comfortable about it. I often had nightmares about getting it in the wrong place and regretting it immediately after. I went back and forth and back and forth about where I wanted this tattoo. When I finally decided on a place about two months ago, I waited and made sure I didn’t have any anxiety or nightmares about the location. I didn’t, so here we are!

I got the Harry Potter stars on both shoulders (my other shoulder mirrors the one in the picture). Getting a Harry Potter tattoo not only signifies my out of control love for those books, but will serve as a constant reminder that there is magic in the world, and that I’m capable of doing anything that I want to. Sometimes when I’m feeling really bad, I think of JK Rowling, who was on the UK equivalent to welfare and was struggling to get by. She wrote the first chapter of Harry Potter on the scrap of a napkin in a cafe, and now those books and her name are some of the most recognized in the world. It reminds me that no matter how bad things seem, God is good, I am loved, and it will get better.

So, anyway, I’m so excited to display my HP love to the world, and I’m even more excited to have a tattoo that I can show off when I’m in regular clothes! I love my crane, and I love the placement, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have the lift up my whole shirt so people can see it.

PS, my artist was really awesome and funny, and completed my tattoo in about 10 minutes. A friend and I went to get some lunch after we were finished, and the shop called her to let me know that I’d left my phone there. When I got it back, I found the artist took some selfies!


Here’s to awesome tattoos and memories made.


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