She’s Baaaaaack

Welp, I’m almost done with my first week back at Emmanuel! I’ve got to say, the difference between EC and UGA is night and day. I was most apprehensive about my trig class, but so far that’s proving to be the easiest class I have this semester. My teacher really just seems to get math, and even more, she gets how to teach math, and it’s literally the most ideal situation imaginable for me in a math class. I hope it continues to go this well.

Anatomy and Chemistry are both going well. So far the chem class has just been a review from UGA, and I imagine that half of  the class probably will be review, but that’s about as far as I got at UGA. I told my professor that, and he’s kind of hard to read, but he did say that he was glad I chose to come back to EC because he thinks I’ll be majorly successful here. Anatomy is actually the class I’m the most worried about. I’ll just have to do a LOT of pre-lecture prep because the prof moves really fast and I’m not going to be able to take notes in my traditional fashion. I’m an old broad and I’m set in my ways, so I’m not thrilled about having to adapt this much to a class, but I can deal. I think it’ll be good.

In other, personal life, news, I signed up for the Blogging for Books program, so I’ll be reading and reviewing books on the blog! It’s actually a really cool thing that I heard about from a friend. You just sign up and you get to pick a book to review and they send it to you FOR FREE, with the stipulation that you read it and write a review. I’m pretty excited. I’ll probably read and review all kinds of different books. The first one I picked was listed under sci-fi, but I might read other kinds of fiction, non-fiction, or faith related books, so if you’re not into that kind of stuff feel free to skip over those blogs. But, even if that’s not your thing, maybe give the review a read because you might discover something you never knew you liked!


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