Pregnancy: Week 12


Woohoo! Look at that cute little baby bump!

We’re very excited to have officially announced to the world the existence of Baby Bryan! I went ahead and posted my backlog of updates but I promise there won’t be that many in a row ever again…especially considering that I only remember to update about every two weeks. Alright! Let’s talk about symptoms!


Physical Symptoms:

I am definitely not feeling as crappy this week as I have for most of the first trimester. While a small selection of foods and smells will really hit me the wrong way, really the only thing I’ve noticed as far as food this week is that I can’t really eat that much at one time. I start feeling really full really fast. It’s odd to see my food intake be relatively small (if, albeit, more often) but my belly gets bigger. On that same note, I’m also super happy that people can now know that I’m not gaining a whole lot of weight in a short amount of time, haha.

My fatigue comes and goes. I spent most of yesterday napping on and off because I felt like my body needed it (I had had a particularly stressful week) and I also napped all afternoon after church today. I finding that it’s okay and healthy to let myself rest and not get so entirely worked up over school every waking minute. But more on that later.

I’ve also been noticing that I’m breaking out more than usual and my eczema is pretty bad. I guess weird skin changes come with the hormones!


Emotional Symtoms

Not really much of a shock I’m sure, but I’ve been a little bit of an emotional wreck through this whole process, and weeks 11 and 12 were most certainly no exception. I think the extra emotions are bringing stuff to the surface that I should have dealt with a long time ago, and even some stuff that I didn’t even know I needed to deal with. So I’m starting the process of working through a lot, and it’s definitely a process. I would classify myself as a person who does not like to be vulnerable with people at all. Josh probably gets to see the most of me…but I even get uncomfortable bearing my emotional birthday suit to him sometimes. Anyway. It’s going to be a difficult, uncomfortable journey for me but I also think it’ll be really good. It seems like a good time to try to resolve some of this, especially before we throw a child into the mix.

Probably something that I’ve enjoyed most of all about it being public is being able to talk to mothers who have recently had children, and getting their advice and perspectives. The Internet can be a scary place to go searching, especially when it’s pregnancy related. It’s nice that I can text people who can tell me, “yeah, that’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it” instead of turning to the Google horror stories.

We have our next appointment on March 2nd and I’m realllllly hoping that we’ll get an ultrasound, or at least be able to hear a heartbeat. This is all taking a really long time sinking in, and I think that will be extremely helpful/reassuring to both me and Josh.

Things are good. Life is good. We’re calling baby BB (Baby Bryan) and that’ll probably continue until (if) we agree on a name. It makes me feel excited to have a nickname. Signing off until (maybe) next week.


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