Pregnancy: Weeks 6 & 7

Over halfway through the first trimester! At the time of writing, I am seven weeks and 1 day, and baby is the size of a blueberry, so she like quadrupled in size from a poppy seed! Here’s an update on my physical symptoms:

Physical Symptoms:

Woaaaah morning sickness. Starting in the middle of week 6, it hit me. Usually I feel gross right when I wake up, and I may or may not puke depending on what I had to eat the night before. Then I’m good all day (assuming that I eat bland stuff regularly throughout the day), then it hits me again as soon as it’s time to go to bed. At bedtime, I will almost definitely puke, sometimes several times throughout the night. There was one particularly horrific evening where I puked several times on top of having some agonizing tooth pain (I had a filling fall out around a year ago, and it hasn’t bothered me a whole lot before now). I don’t know if the repeated acidity in my mouth did something, but I called the dentist as soon as they opened in the morning and I have an appointment for Tuesday.

The tooth pain has greatly subsided since then, but I basically can’t close my teeth without shooting nerve pain, which makes eating interesting.

Due to the nausea, most foods have sounded really gross to me lately. This is a real shame because I love really spicy, flavorful food, and I’ve found that when I eat it, it is NOT good the second time. I’ve generally been living on prenatal vitamins, ginger ale, and saltines. It’s a good thing I don’t have to take in any extra calories until the second trimester!

Let’s see…other symptoms. I’ve been having some headaches off and on. Nothing even remotely approaching a migraine, but still present enough to be annoying. I’ve also been feeling really fatigued, but the lack of sleep plus starting classes is probably really contributing to that. My back pain hasn’t really gone away, and sometimes the back of my leg hurts too, depending on how much moving around I’ve done that day.

Emotional Symptoms:

My anxiety has really decreased since my last post (around 4 weeks). I don’t know what happened, but I just quit worrying so much. I’m wondering if it has something to do with what I call my “two-week cycle.” I’ve noticed that any time I experience a major bout of anxiety (which usually accompanies a major life change. I should learn to expect it), it lasts around two weeks. Since we found out at four weeks, I freaked out a whole lot and cried every night, until I hit around 6 weeks, and it eased up. Sometimes I still get very afraid that we’re going to lose this baby, but then I remember that I prayed very hard for this pregnancy, and I know that God has it. I have had no abnormal symptoms–in fact, all of my symptoms have happened around the time that they’re supposed to. I haven’t had very much spotting at all (I had some brown spotting off and on for a day or two, but the doctor didn’t seem concerned by it). My nausea has been pretty consistent, as well as my fatigue and mood swings, so all appears to be well! I’m finally starting to let myself be excited about the very real possibility that we’ll bring a child into the world on September 2 (ANOTHER September birthday. My family will be thrilled).

We have our next appointment at the beginning of February, and that’s going to be our first big, official appointment. I’ll be around 10 weeks by then, and I’m realllly hoping that they’ll do an ultrasound. I’m very anxious to hear a heartbeat! Really, the biggest source of anxiety right this second is making sure that I can get some kind of insurance. I applied on, and based on my application, it looks like I qualify for the pregnancy Medicaid (which covers all prenatal costs, delivery, AND baby care for a year). We’re very much hoping that I can get that, but it’s a waiting game with the state right now as to whether or not I’ll actually get it. If you’re the praying type, be praying for that, because that would be a huge burden lifted!

Yay for symptoms, hope, and joy!IMG_1607


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