Pregnancy: Week 14

So, apparently I got confused last week. In my brain, 12 weeks=around 3 months. 3 months=1 trimester. It made sense to me that when you hit week 13, you’ve begun the 2nd trimester. Well apparently not. According to both of my apps and the doctor, NOW I’m in the 2nd trimester. Whatever. Numbers are confusing.

So, say hello to Baby Bryan!


This is my absolute favorite of our ultrasound pictures because you can see all five little fingers, plus you can see the neural tube (which is almost cooler to me. I wouldn’t mind a baby with no fingers–but you can’t really live without a spine). Josh and I also couldn’t really believe how big he or she is already. 12.0 cm (almost five inches) long! The nurse who took the doppler also said the heartbeat is really strong, and then the ultrasound tech said the same thing. It’s at about 154 bpm. I don’t know if that’s even normal or not but I was completely overjoyed to hear that little thump-thump!

Okay, on to symptoms!

Physical symptoms:

The nausea is almost completely eradicated (praise), so I can eat pretty much whatever sounds good without having to worry about tasting it a second time. I still have a small aversion to some things, like for some reason red onion has been sounding really gross to me, except if it’s raw. Then it’s fine. Weird, I know. Also, my most favorite Doritos (spicy sweet chili) have been sounding a little gross to me too. That’s probably good because I’m sure I shouldn’t eat chips, but it’s a little disappointing. Also, I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts how bummed I am that Bar-H hasn’t sounded good to me. Well, I drove by it this morning and I was like, man, Bar-H sounds really good. YES!

I’m still feeling more fatigued than I did before the pregnancy, but I’m pretty sure that never really goes away completely. I have more energy than I did in the first trimester for sure, but I don’t feel like I could go climb a mountain or anything. But, the good news on that front is that as of 5 o’clock today, I will be officially on spring break. My professors have been particularly merciful, and I don’t have any homework or looming tests that I’ll have to worry about, so it’s going to be 8 days of blissfully sleeping in and binging Netflix with my cat. It’s going to be awesome.

Emotional Symptoms

As I think would be expected, my anxiety continues to wane. At our appointment on Wednesday, we saw a different doctor than the one we’ve been seeing previously. And, it’s not that I didn’t like my other OB, but I felt like we never really clicked. I was okay with it because she seemed very competent and I really like the office that I go to, plus they have all of my insurance information and I like the stability of that. Well, for some reason or another for this appointment we were given a different OB. We. Loved. Her. She was so enthusiastic, and fun, and something I really liked is that she asked me a bunch of questions, and like, specific ones. Not just a general “everything going okay?” but, just specific questions about how I’m feeling, and about specific symptoms individually. I felt so comfortable talking to her about some of the less glamorous things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant (hemorrhoids are real, people). It was also with this OB that we heard the heartbeat for the first time, and she was also the one who noticed that we hadn’t had an ultrasound yet, and ordered us one for that day. I had some mounting anxiety about, just, not having seen or heard the baby yet. I just needed the reassurance that something was really in there, because the irrational part of my brain sometimes said that it wasn’t really real. Having that affirmation was really wonderful.

She also said that something that had me feeling a slight worry–I’ve been losing a little weight over the first trimester, and I shouldn’t be worried about it because she said that’s super normal, but it does have me freaked out because I’m nervous I’m going to continue losing weight, which isn’t good in the second trimester and beyond. I’m looking at this as a license to eat a little more (I got into a groove with Weight Watchers as far as portion control, so I really could stand to eat a little more), and I’m going to try not to dwell on it. The OB wasn’t worried so I’m not going to be either.

Something else that eased my mind a lot was knowing that after you hear a strong heartbeat, the chances of miscarriage really, really plummet. It’s like, 4%. Those of you that know me personally can probably guess that the fact that there’s even a chance it could happen at all sits in the back of my mind, but also statistically, those a pretty great odds. I’m sure the risk of getting in a car accident on my way home today is higher than having a miscarriage right now, so I’m feeling much more at ease in general about that.

So here’s to another healthy week, spring break, eating more, and maternity leggings!


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