Pregnancy: Week 19

It’s a…


I’m writing this post from the car on the way back from the doctor because I’m too excited not to share!
Physical Symptoms:

Basically, I have felt pretty awesome this week. I’ve been pretty much sleeping through the night, and thanks to my beloved Snoogle, I have not been waking up with back or hip pain, which is so wonderful. Basically sometimes I have to get up to pee but that’s it. The extra sleep has been helping my mood as well, but more on that later.

I have also noticed that the pregnancy cravings seem to be setting in a little bit. I think I’ve eaten a sweet potato for lunch every day for the past two weeks, with no end in sight. The other weird thing is that I’ve realllly been craving salt and vinegar chips. That one is really random because I used to really not like those, but now I can’t get enough (don’t worry, I’m controlling myself).
Emotional Symptoms:

As I mentioned earlier, my overal crabbiness has greatly decreased, probably due to the increased sleep. It’s helped my focus in my classes, and my patience overall.
My energy level is also up, which just helps in making me feel more like a real person. Now that we know it’s a girl I can’t wait to start planning for all the girly things! We would have been so happy either way, but Josh and I are both so thrilled for a girl.

On the way to the appointment I checked my heart rate on my Apple Watch and it was like 110. I’ve had a lot of mounting anxiety about this appointment because I just wanted to know that our baby was okay, and both the doctor and the ultrasound tech were so reassuring. The doctor showed me all the cool stuff on the pictures–no spina bifida, all four chambers of the heart are present, brain development looks good. She said we have a perfectly healthy baby girl!

It just got me thinking about how at every turn God has been answering my prayers. Sometimes I find myself wondering if prayer really works–if God really does listen to us. I still flip flop on what I think about it, honestly, but what I do know is that every thing I’ve prayed about this baby has been answered, and God has been very good to us.

We are SO SO happy for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!


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