Pregnancy: Weeks 21 and 22

Drat! I’d been doing so good about updating every week! But honestly, week 21 was so normal that there wasn’t even that much to report anyway.

Physical Symptoms

The craving for salt and vinegar chips rages on. You guys have NO idea how hard it is not to stop at the store and buy a bag a day. I try to only go through a bag every 7 days or so, and when I eat them I definitely try to drink as much water as I can to offset all the sodium. Lately I’ve also been really craving creamy, iced coffee drinks. I satiate those by getting those Protein Bolthouse Farms coffee drinks. There’s not that much caffeine (less than a soda, actually), most of my B vitamins for the day, and not a lot of sugar or fat or anything. It’s also got 30 grams of protein per bottle, and the doctor said I needed to make sure to be getting enough protein. So that turned out pretty good.

I’ve been having some hip and lower back pain. Nothing unmanageable, but still uncomfortable. I think it would probably be a lot worse without my Snoogle, so I’m thankful for that.

I’m definitely showing, as well. I feel like I’m beginning to cross over from “Is she fat?” to “Oh, she looks pregnant!” so that’s pretty nice. It depends on what I wear though. Today I have on an oversized t-shirt because it’s HOT outside, and when I’m wearing non-maternity shirts it’s harder to tell. But, comfort over fashion, people.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot! On the first (I can’t remember what day of the week that is), Josh finally felt the baby move! She kicked a lot for him, and I was so happy that he finally got to feel her. She kicks pretty regularly now, and I notice her more and more as the days go by. I have an anterior placenta so I don’t feel her as strongly or as often as I think some people do by 22 weeks, but that’s okay. I still feel her 🙂

Emotional Symptoms

I haven’t been feeling bad, per se, just kind of weird. I’m chalking it up to it being finals week, and I always feel very off when my schedule changes this much so suddenly. I was telling Josh the other day that it doesn’t seem fair to give such important tests on such an offset schedule. Like, I really don’t feel in the zone when I’ve been sitting at home all day then I go take a huge test. I understand the need to change the schedule because you get longer for finals than the regular class period, but I still always feel messed up.

I also had my first counseling appointment last week, and I think it went pretty well. It was just the intake appointment, so it was mostly me talking a lot with the therapist listening, but I think I’m really going to like her. She just has such a calming presence, and I felt like it was important to let her know everything that was going on with me, even what I felt like was the really ugly stuff, and she never flinched or looked surprised by what I said, just compassionate. I feel like I can trust her, and I think it’s a sign that she’ll be able to help me work through a lot of stuff. I was feeling soooooo anxious on the way to the first appointment, just because new people and new situations always make me feel anxious, but now that I know more of what to expect I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment with her. I’m mostly looking forward to feeling more in-control of my feelings and digging up some of the stuff that I’ve needed to work through for a long time. I think it’s going to be really, really good.

Along that same thread, I’ve been feeling especially blah the last two days (probably because I don’t feel like I did great on the two finals I’ve taken so far, and because my schedule is so off), so instead of sitting in our dark apartment watching Netflix, I decided to sit out in the sun with my illustrated Harry Potter. It is such a beautiful day and I ended up enjoying it so much that I sat outside for around 2 hours. I finally went inside because my allergies were getting the best of me, not because I wanted to. And I feel SO much better. I’ve always said that I live for summer, and it’s so true. Now I’m listening to John Mayer (Born and Raised and Paradise Valley, the two summeriest albums ever to me), our apartment is relatively clean and the windows are open, and I’m looking at love seat slip cover patterns and zucchini noodle recipes. Something about going outside and retiring to such a familiar book made me feel more like myself.

I feel so much less stressed now that I’m one final away from being done with school for a while, and I feel really ready to start nesting and getting our space ready for our sweet girl 🙂


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