Pregnancy Update: Week 23

Almost missed it, but it’s coming in on time!

Physical Symptoms

It’s pretty much more of the same, I guess. I imagine this is going to end up being a pretty short post because not a lot has really changed. I’m still having hip and back pain, I feel fairly short of breath, and I’m definitely feeling the baby move more and more every day! Especially now that I’m off for the summer and basically spend my days reading, I notice every time she moves, which I love.

Emotional Symptoms

One thing I’ve definitely noticed more of this week is how moody I’ve been. I think, like most things, that it is probably a combination of a lot of things. I’m out of school which means very little structure by way of a schedule, I spend most of the day alone while Josh is at work (which I really don’t mind. I read A LOT and listen to music. It’s super relaxing), but all this alone time also gives me time to worry about things. Therapy is helping a lot with the constant anxiety, but I’ve definitely noticed I’ve been moodier. I reckon being pregnant does that to you!

Also, today, I FINALLY got a lot of insurance stuff sorted out. I was just in the shower washing my hair, and I was like, “Today is the day I’m going to figure this out!” So I went back through all the numbers I’ve tried before, and then basically put out an all-call on Facebook to see if anyone else knew of a way to get ahold of an actual, live person. Blessedly, there were some super helpful people, and I got two things sorted out right away on the phone as soon as I knew how to talk to someone, and after being on hold for 45 minutes with Medicaid (sigh), I got the third issue resolved as well. At least, I hope I did. They said they would fix it. Their cogs seem to move pretty slowly so we’ll see. I’m so thankful to have this insurance because it takes a HUGE financial burden off of us, but sometimes I wish they weren’t so frustrating to work with.

Anyway, so that was a huge win and it’s one less thing to worry about for me. We had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and it’s incredibly reassuring to hear the heartbeat and be told that everything is okay. After next month, I’ll start going in every two weeks! Can’t believe we’re already at that point. Like, I’ve been pregnant for almost six months! Wow.


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