Pregnancy Update: Week 26

Turns out putting a reminder on my calendar actually worked!

Physical Updates:

I feel like I’m getting really redundant, but things are pretty much the same over here. Josh and I went to Savannah for his birthday/babymoon/he’s starting grad school next week so we’re taking a getaway, and all the walking we did really wore me out. I’m talking swollen ankles, back pain and hip pain, the whole nine yards. I was so worn out and sore that while we were there, I slept pretty much the entire night. I mean, I had to get up and pee but I fell back asleep immediately. But, for me it’s just kind of like, well, this what happens. I don’t feel annoyed about it or anything, just tired!

The pregnancy brain also continues. I’m being diligent and putting a lot more on my calendar than I normally would, and I make sure that Josh knows to check that I have my purse with me when we leave places, because I’ve forgotten it several times. This system appears to be working so far.

Oh, kind of a fun thing, my belly button has more or less popped out! I know this is super weird, but I’ve been so excited for it to pop. I was also looking in the mirror today, and it looked like I had the beginnings of linea negra, but that may just be my extra hairy belly. Pregnancy hormones. So weird.

My cravings have also changed mildly. I think I have finally satiated my need for salt and vinegar chips. While I still find them yummy and probably wouldn’t say no to them if they were presented to me, I no longer need them like I need to breathe. It has now switched to peach iced tea. I was on a Snapple kick, but every time I went to the store to get some they were out, so I got the Lipton peach tea instead and it’s just as good. This is a much more annoying craving to have, because I have to limit myself to one tea day. Caffeine-wise, I could have three and still be within my daily limit, but sugar-wise I’m trying to be careful.

Emotional Updates

I would say I’ve been pretty good! I got sort of panicky in Savannah because for some reason I felt like I hadn’t felt the baby move in a while, but in reality we’d been walking around and moving all day, and I probably just hadn’t noticed when she did kick. I’ve also noticed that her movement has changed somewhat. This sounds weird, but the movements feel more fluid, like she’s rolling around a lot, rather than outright kicks or punches. This appears to be a common thing around 26 weeks, and I definitely still feel her moving around, it’s just changed somewhat. Sometimes I can look down and watch my belly move as she moves, which is surreal. I poke her back occasionally, but I think it makes her mad to be poked because she stops moving for a while after I do that.

Another thing I wanted to bring up, for those of you who live far away, Josh and I more or less decided that we’re not going to pick a name for the baby until after she’s born. For me, it’s just too hard to name a person I’ve never met, and for Josh, I think he just likes all of the names we have picked out (there are about five), and he can’t decide on one. I know it’s a pretty common question for a lot of people, so I just wanted to let everyone know what we’d decided to do so you don’t have to sit through a whole explanation!

Another crazy thing is that after my next appointment next week, I’ll be going to the baby doctor every two weeks! I’ll be about 27 1/2 weeks, so more or less in the third trimester. That is CRAZY. It feels like this whole experience has gone fast and slow at the same time. I remember when we first found out about the baby, and it seemed like an entire life time until we would meet her. I remember being so afraid during those first 12 weeks because I just wanted her to be okay, and now we’re almost to the point where my doctor told me to have my hospital bag packed (just in case!), and we’re going to pre-register at the hospital and sign up for a birthing class. Like, we’re to the point where I can’t put off painting the nursery or buying a crib for much longer because she’s going to be here so soon. I have a few friends who are basically a trimester ahead of me, and they’re to the point where they’re just waiting for labor to start, and I can’t believe that that will be me not that far from now. The closer we get to the due date, the more it dawns on me that we’re going to have an actual daughter as part of our lives. It’s weird and awesome and scary, and again, completely surreal. I can’t wait!

See you all next week!

PS, one of my pregnant friends found this awesome geeky baby sizer, and this is the one for week 26:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.50.38 PM.png








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