Pregnancy: Week 30

Holy crap, at the time of writing this is basically only have 9 weeks left of pregnancy. I’M BASICALLY IN SINGLE DIGITS.

Physical Symptoms

It seems that the third trimester fatigue has begun to set in. I’m not kidding, yesterday I walked up and down the stairs and I felt completely spent. Granted, I was carrying laundry and the stairs were outside and it was hot, but still. I played in a murder mystery game this week and while it was super fun, four-ish hours on my feet in jazz shoes really did me in. I start getting super tired around 8:30 every night (which isn’t too much of a departure from the norm), and it’s feeling eerily reminiscent of the first trimester exhaustion. The great part about being so tired, though, is that I’m basically finding that besides having to get up to pee, I sleep through the night. Most days I even take a nap (why not, right?) and it’s a nice change from the insomnia I had most of the second trimester.

My feet still hurt off and on, and the only shoes that feel comfortable are my rainbow flip flops. Even some of my maternity clothes are starting to feel a little too small, which doesn’t even matter a whole lot because I mostly lounge around at home in yoga pants and t-shirts (Josh’s t-shirts, in fact). The baby also occasionally kicks me in the ribs, and since she’s seemed to settle on my right side, she kicks the same place over and over. It’s starting to get sore!

Emotional Symptoms 

I think Josh and I are extremely ready to close on our house and get moved in. We have some baby showers coming up and I’m sort of dreading the prospect of having to take a bunch of larger baby items into our current living space, just to move it into a new place. I’d like to put all of the baby stuff in what will be the baby’s nursery and that be the end of it. The nesting instinct is very strong with this one and it’s a bit frustrating not to really be able to do anything about it except obsess over my registry.

My moods are also occasionally up and down. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the fluctuation, but I’ve accepted this as part of normal pregnancy. I did have a slightly minor meltdown when I discovered my first pregnancy-related stretch marks. I already had stretch marks just because…well…doesn’t everybody? But for some reason the fact that I’m getting them because of pregnancy pushed me over the edge. Even while I was freaking out about them I realized how silly it was, but like I said. I don’t have a lot of control. Mostly I’m just tired, and trying really hard to deal with the heat. I’ve noticed that lately, when I feel like it’s really hot, sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe and it starts to trigger a panic attack. I don’t even know if heat can trigger panic attacks, but I think it’s more the feeling that I can’t get a deep breath because the air feels heavy. I think I’m very, very ready to not be pregnant anymore and to start our lives with our sweet baby.


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.46.42 PM


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