Pregnancy: Week 32

I’m coming in just under the wire for this one, but it’s before midnight so it counts!

Physical Symptoms

I definitely have a new symptom that’s popped up this week: my hands hurt so bad. It feels like every joint in my fingers needs to pop and they’re just so sore and achy. I wondered if it was carpal tunnel syndrome, which I’ve read is somewhat common in pregnancy, but when I read up on the some of the symptoms of CPS, my discomfort sounded different than that. I think it more has to do with overall fluid retention (even though I drink a ton of water), and pregnancy hormones that cause all of my joints to relax, not just in the pelvic region. This particular symptom is fairly annoying and I’ll be glad when it goes away after the baby comes.

Let’s see. This week hasn’t been particularly glamorous as far as symptoms go. I’ve started wearing breast pads every day because I definitely had some leakage, which was both weird and cool. I actually like wearing the breast pads for a number of reasons: I never have to worry about random fluid leaking through my shirt, whether it be pre-colostrum or gross boob sweat. So yeah, not very glamorous but a very real part of being almost 33 weeks pregnant!

Other than those two new things, it’s pretty much more of the same. I’ve been so exhausted and worn out still, but it takes me forever to actually get to sleep, and then it’s been pretty rare that I actually stay asleep for very long. I do have the opportunity to nap during the day pretty much whenever I want, so that’s really nice.

Emotional Symptoms

Woah man, a lot of good stuff has happened this week! First off, WE FINALLY GOT A CLOSING DATE FOR OUR HOUSE! We’re set to close on Wednesday, and we’re going to try our absolute hardest to move in on Saturday. Both of us have been so anxious to go ahead and get moved in and settled that we’re not going to waste any time. This has been such a difficult process in a lot of ways, and it’s probably not something I would recommend undertaking while pregnant, but we go through it and it’s going to be wonderful when we can get moved in and I can finally start nesting. I can’t wait to get started on the nursery and making sure it’s perfect for baby!

We also got to have another ultrasound today! The last time we saw her was a little bit before 20 weeks, and like, she definitely looked like a baby then, but only kind of. It was really cool to see be able to see all of her features, especially in her face:

We didn’t know we were going to get this, but the sonographer also did part of the ultrasound in 4D, and we got a DVD of the whole thing! I’m not sure if this is common practice at my new OB’s office, or if it was something he was doing to try to be nice since we had such a bad experience with our original office closing. I’m sure it’s something he always does, but this office has been so wonderful to us that I really wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to do something nice.

The sonographer said the baby is weighing in at about 5 pounds, which completely shocked me for some reason. Like, FIVE POUNDS!? That’s what some babies weigh when they’re born, not when they have two months of growing left to do! She told me that was normal for this time and I’m sure it is, but for some reason it totally took me off guard. The doctor also said that everything looks perfectly normal with her: they give different scores to the baby based on different measurements: overall movement in the womb, blood flow from the placenta and cord, etc., and he said that she got 8/8 on every measurement, so everything is as good as it could possibly be! The one thing I did notice, and that isn’t even really a big deal at this point, is that right this second she is technically breech. I asked the doctor about it and he said at this point she still has plenty of time to flip, and we don’t have to start considering different delivery options like a c-section unless she’s still breech at 37 weeks or so. I’m truly, truly not worried about it because even if she is still breech and we have to do a c-section, that’s just what’s going to have to happen. And honestly, I would much rather have a scheduled c-section than an emergency one, so if a scheduled c-section is the worst thing that happens I think we’ll be in really great shape. But again, she could very well flip in the next month or so, so it’s not something I’m going to spend my time thinking about.

The sonographer wasn’t very talkative about what she was doing, which I didn’t super love about her, but it’s okay. I did notice as I was watching the DVD at home, that based on how she’s measuring, our estimated due date has moved up about a week, to August 28. Now, I’m not really planning on telling people that my due date is August 28 if they ask because this appears to be a fairly fluid estimate, but it is a little exciting to know that she could possibly be only a month and a half away! Just for fun, I calculated how many weeks I would technically be if my due date changed, and I would be exactly 34 weeks today. Believe me, I am very okay with her coming a little bit earlier than expected. Not too early of course, but a week early is definitely okay with me!

So yeah, things are really good! We have a very very healthy baby, and at this point it feels like we’re pretty much waiting around for D-day!

PS, I don’t really know what a deerstalker hat is, but I welcome Benedict Cumberbatch onto my blog any time he wants to come around.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.33.33 PM


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