Pregnancy: Week 33

Where can I get this fanny pack?!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.37.51 PM

Physical Symptoms

Nothing totally new to report here. Truth be told, I’ve felt pretty good physically. The only thing that is weird at all is that for a few days I’ve had some pretty intense shoulder blade pain. The only thing that makes any sense at all to me is that I might have accidentally pulled something, although I don’t know what I did. It’s been steadily getting better with each day, and every night I alternate ice and heat on it and I think that’s helping. I also take a half-dose of Tylenol if it gets unbearable and that kicks it. I’ve just been trying to take it easy on my left side and not lift a lot of things, which is easier said than done because we’re smack in the middle of moving!

Emotional Symptoms

A lot sure has happened this week. For example, yesterday we FINALLY CLOSED ON THE HOUSE!! So as of about 5:30 pm yesterday, we’re officially homeowners! That is both exciting and terrifying to me. Like, we were signing all of those documents at the closing and basically all of it was about money and our homeowner’s loan so we kept seeing this huge number over and over and over again, and for a minute it was like, oh man, what did we do. But then I remembered that we knew exactly what we were doing from the start and we’re prepared for it, plus owning your own is a really amazing investment.

So, as soon as we closed Josh and I grabbed some dinner and basically went straight over to the house to get everything ready to be painted. Pretty much the one and only downside to to the house is that all but two rooms feature some super dark, super dated paneling. We knew from the beginning that if we got the house we were going to paint over all the paneling, and now the time has come. We’re moving in on Saturday, which gives us a whopping two days (and some change) to paint the whole house. Today was primer day, and dad and I have been at the house since about 8:30 this morning. In fact, he’s still there. I did something I probably shouldn’t have done: I googled if it was safe to use latex primer during pregnancy, and I really shouldn’t have done that. Pretty much everything I read said that primer was the worst thing  you could use during pregnancy as far as painting, and I seriously freaked myself out. My rational self is fully aware that less than 12 hours of exposure with ALL the windows and doors open in the house (plus the attic fan and another fan running) is almost definitely going to do no harm. Plus, I really only painted one room myself and the rest of the time I just did touch up work like trim, so the actual time I spent painting was probably about 2 to 2 1/2 hours all together. Also, a lot of the time I was standing directly in front of an open window so the threat here is really low. But I just got completely overcome with a very real fear that by being in the house I was doing lasting harm to baby. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to her that I could have prevented–like not painting or something like that.

Anyway, I know rationally that everything is going to be okay but I’m sitting in the apartment now coming down from my anxiety. It’s helping that at the moment she’s moving around pretty good 🙂 Also, my dad is such a rock star for being at the house by himself right now to finish up the primer. He and mom both definitely recognized my panic and suggested that I not do the primer anymore. I also plan on asking the guys at Home Depot tomorrow when we go get the actual paint what their recommendations for pregnancy are, and if they advise against it I might be calling a couple of you to see if you’re available 😉

So yeah, that was a lot of stuff about primer panic, but other than that we’re extremely thrilled to be moving in. I’m SO excited especially to get the nursery set up and ready for when she comes! Which could be in 5-7 weeks depending on which due date we’re using. I’m telling myself 7 because I don’t want to get too excited about her coming before that and be disappointed. Neither of us are particularly thrilled about the actual process of moving, but you know. It’ll all be worth it and it’ll all be over Saturday no matter what.

Super big week this week! My next appointment is the 26th, and then after that I’ll move to having an appointment every week. CRAZY.

Also, my mom took this picture last night and I think it pretty much sums up how I feel: huge. Also it was SO hot in the house and I was waiting on my brother to get back with bottled water. (Also that shirt says: Cool story babe, now make me a sandwich. It’s technically Josh’s shirt, so there’s that).



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