Pregnancy: Week 34

The countdown has seriously begun. Wow.

Physical Symptoms

Welp, my ring is officially stuck on my finger. I’m sort of kicking myself for that too, because I took it off a few weeks ago because it was getting snug, then I put it back on because I thought I could probably wear it for a little while longer. I definitely left it on too long. Josh and I tried everything to get it off. We tried olive oil, soap, lotion, and dental floss. It’s just gonna be on there I reckon. It’s not cutting off my circulation or anything so I’m not worried about it, I just wish I would have tried to take it off earlier. My feet and ankles are also noticeably swollen as well. When I took my flip flops off this afternoon there was a doughy indentation left by the straps! They’re not painful or anything and I drink plenty of water–I think it’s just the heat honestly. Pregnancy is so lovely.

I know last week I mentioned that I was having some pain in my hands and that hasn’t gone away. I also said that I thought it wasn’t carpal tunnel. I think that it actually may be. Last night I woke up and my thumb and first three fingers were really tingly and numb, like they’d fallen asleep. There was also pain associated with it, but that only happens at night. That sounds more like CPS to me than what I was experiencing last week. The good news is that it should go away after the baby comes, so I only have a few weeks left to deal with it.

Emotional Symptoms

This week was completely insane. We closed on our house on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we painted (and by we, I mean my dad mostly painted. He did an unbelievable amount of work on our house). The whole house had this dark, ’70s paneling, and so I got really inspired by watching Fixer Up and painted every room this really pretty bluish-gray color with white trim. If I do say so myself, it looks awesome. Before and after pictures are pending. I’m kind of just too tired to do anything else right now. But then, we moved in on Saturday. I’d spent most of Friday packing up our whole apartment, and even thought it wasn’t that much stuff it really wore me out. Thankfully I didn’t have to do much on moving day because we have a ton of wonderful friends who helped us out. It doesn’t hurt that we don’t really have that much stuff, so the moving process didn’t take long at all. The rest of the week (Sunday-today, and beyond) has been spent unpacking and finishing up a few painting projects. The house is completely unpacked, and all that’s left to do is hang some wall decorations. I was just using command hooks because that’s what we’ve always used, but our pictures keep falling and then I remembered that the nice thing about owning your home is that you can hang stuff up with nails. It’s the small things.

So yeah, this week I’ve been really, really busy and by the time the evening rolls around I’m usually completely exhausted. I’ve been struggling slightly with being in a new home, just because it’s so new. And I absolutely anticipated that I would have some trouble with the transition, because that’s how I know I am. But really, for the most part I’ve been truly okay. It’s really nice to be in our own house. Our bedroom is like the size of our entire apartment, so we feel like we’re in a mansion. It’s been a very happy, if tiring, week!


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.15.32 PM


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