Pregnancy: Week 36

IMG_2021Physical Symptoms

Good. Grief. I am so tired. Josh and I schedule the baby doctor appointments early in Athens, because he has first block planning, and if we go in the morning he doesn’t have to get a sub. That’s super convenient and I like spending the morning with him, but 8 AM in Athens is early. Yesterday when we went in I was so sleepy, and when we got home I puttered around for a few hours, did some laundry, did the dishes, put dinner in the crock pot, and then I CRASHED. I turned on Arrested Development and then slept for like 3 1/2 hours. I mean, I’m not really complaining and I feel super blessed that I’m in a place where I’m able to take a nap if I feel like it, but dang. I feel like a blob.

I’ve also been experiencing some…I don’t know what the best way to describe it. Discomfort? Pressure? down in my lower abdomen, especially when I stand up. That pressure is usually accompanied by needing to pee. Oh man, speaking of needing to pee, I’ve been SO thirsty lately. It’s weird because I’ve noticed a pretty sharp decrease in my appetite, but I drink water all day long. It’s like, the most insatiable thirst I’ve ever experienced. So yeah, drinking probably 3-4 liters of water a day means having to pee pretty much constantly, day and night. Poor Josh–I’m sure I probably get up 6 times a night these days. But yeah, other than peeing a lot and being super tired, I feel pretty good. The swelling in my hands and feet has gone down a lot. It’s still there, but not bad at all. Also, my carpal tunnel symptoms have decreased some, too. Occasionally I fall asleep without my splint on, and only maybe every three days do I wake up because of hand pain. I’m wondering if all the water I’ve been drinking has been helping clear that up. My hands definitely still feel sore and a little stiff, but there’s not the pain and numbness that I was experiencing, so I’m thankful for that!

Emotional Symptoms

I’ve been feeling very zen lately. A friend told me the other day and pregnancy seems to have really chilled me out. I thought it was a little funny, because in some ways, pregnancy has not done me any favors as far as my anxiety levels, but in some other ways, I’m finding it pretty easy to let some things go. Maybe it’s because I’m so dang tired and I don’t have the energy to care, or maybe it’s a result of the life transition I’m experiencing. I just feel very “go-with-the-flow” about a lot of things regarding my pregnancy and the baby, and I think that attitude will serve me well as I transition into parenthood.

We also found out yesterday at our appointment that the baby is no longer breech! Josh and I were both a little surprised, because it did not feel like she had budged at all. I fully expected the ultrasound to show that she was in the exact same place, but nope! She successfully turned and we’re on-track for a vaginal birth. I’m excited, because a vaginal birth is definitely my preference, but that was one of the things I was feeling really zen about. The doctor didn’t seem surprised at all that she’d turned, and the nurse really didn’t either. Josh and I were actually talking about that on the way home: he is just so trusting in the body and baby to do what they’re supposed to do. He’s even more hands-off than my previous OB, and that’s saying something. We both feel so lucky every day that his office was able to take us, because we suspect that he doesn’t take on many new patients at all. The thing I liked about his office is that he’s the only OB, which guarantees that you’ll see the same doctor every time, and that you’ll be delivered by the same doctor you’ve been seeing the whole time. Because of that, his office is really small as far as patient load, and that’s what makes it so special. His entire staff, and him, knows me and Josh’s names and they very quickly learned our personalities and preferences. I actually didn’t mean to go on about him so long, but I’m just so thankful that something that started out so terrible turned out to be the best possible thing that could have happened.

Another thing I wanted to share on this particular blog was pictures of the nursery!


This is the crib! It came Ikea style, so Josh and I had to put it together. It was surprisingly easy. From start to finish it probably only took a couple of hours, and the directions were really user-friendly. I very much like that it has drawers attached, and the changing table is a good height for me. Would recommend!IMG_2024

Here is our travel system. It also came semi-Ikea style, but I put the stroller together in about 15 minutes. Super easy. It’s really easy to click the carseat into the stroller, and the bottom has a lot of storage, so I think we’re going to like it!IMG_2025

We actually had a 1 year old over the other day, so I pulled out a bunch of toys for him to play with. He seemed to like them, so hopefully baby does too!IMG_2026

This is my pride and joy. I seriously cannot wait to be able to use my carrier! I think I watched YouTube videos about different ways to use this carrier for like two hours yesterday. I didn’t know this when I got it, but a lot of moms nurse in it! I’m just really excited about it, and Josh is such a trooper about the polka dots. Everything I’ve gotten as far as baby accessories has been pretty gender-neutral, but this is the only thing that I wanted to be patterned and cute. He said he’s excited to get to use it with baby, and I got to show him how to put it on and adjust it last night!IMG_2027

Hospital bags, packed and ready! The Vera Bradley bag is actually my back-up diaper bag that was given to me by a friend, but it was actually the perfect size for my hospital bag. I decided to go really minimal as far as what I pack, because I’m going to use everything that the hospital provides. I know a lot of women prefer to bring all their own stuff, but this is another thing that I’m like, eh, if the hospital has it I’ll just use that! Pretty much all I have packed for myself are some big, comfy t-shirts, maternity leggings, and fluffy socks. I’ll also be bringing my own toiletries, my own pillow, and my nursing pillow. I’ll also probably bring my laptop.

For baby, the hospital told us that the only things we need to bring for her are a going-home outfit and a carseat. Sooooo pretty much that’s all I have for her. I packed four outfits, all of varying sizes. I’ve found that each brand has its own idea of what newborn size means, so I have one that looks SO tiny but is technically “newborn,” one that is 0-3 months but looks kind of small for that size, one that’s 0-3 and looks about right for that size, and another 0-3 that looks like it could fit a 2 year old. Josh and I were both big babies so I want to be prepared with a variety of sizes. I also have packed a swaddled and a blanket that’s a little heavier, depending on the weather. I know that I prefer the cold, so the drive home might be a little chilly for her. In addition to all that, I also have some newborn mittens and socks, just in case, and also a really cute headband because I couldn’t help it! But yeah. That’s it! IMG_2029

Really precious decorations that we received at our shower! The blue in the owl ended up perfectly matching the blue wall!IMG_2030

Diapers and wipes. Dang. We have a lot.IMG_2031

This isn’t technically the nursery, but I spent probably an hour figuring this thing out this morning, so I wanted to show the fruits of my labor. This is the co-sleeper we’re planning on using for the first few months. Some friends lent this to us, and it’s going to be pretty awesome I think! I really like how one side lowers down so that you have easy access to the baby without actually sharing the bed.

So yeah! I spent a lot of time getting the nursery all unpacked and semi-set up, so I just wanted to share! Since the baby is head-down, it’s just a waiting game now, because it would pretty much be okay if she came at any time!

And no blog of mine would be complete without the geeky baby sizer:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.31.32 AM

We randomly have a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew, so I pulled it out for reference!IMG_2022


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