Pregnancy: Week 37

Photo on 8-18-16 at 5.13 PMPhysical Symptoms

There’s been a lot of new stuff this week! I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure down in my very low abdomen. It feels like the baby is pressing down with her head really hard! The doctor said this is totally normal and not really an indication of labor, before anyone (including myself), gets too excited! I’ve also been having a lower backache and in the evenings sometimes I get discomfort. It sort of feels like the day before you start your period? Really, really mild cramping. It doesn’t really feel like how I’ve been told Braxton Hicks contractions feel, but whatever it is, it’s irregular and not really painful, just uncomfortable. Some of the sources I’ve read say that these feelings could be a sign that labor is imminent, but then again, it could just be regular pregnancy discomfort, especially because the baby is getting so big!

Lets see…other things. The carpal tunnel continues. The tip of my middle finger on my right hand is pretty much always numb these days. I mentioned it at my appointment yesterday and he was like, yep, that happens sometimes. I wear my splint and that helps somewhat, although I seriously think I might have to get another one to sleep in because both hands go numb when I sleep. I just keep saying to myself..two more weeks. Two more weeks. (I’m seriously hoping she doesn’t come late. I know it’s common for first pregnancies for babies to come after their due dates, but I’m praying I’m one of the lucky few!)

Emotional Symptoms

Somehow, I’ve gained a bit more weight than I wanted to this pregnancy. For the most part I eat pretty well, with the occasional indulgence. Some people are just predisposed to gain more weight during pregnancy than others, but I’m a little bummed about it. It very well may be that a lot of it is water retention, because I’m pretty swollen, but I’m very much looking forward to starting Weight Watcher’s nursing mothers program so that I can get back into my healthy eating routine. While I do eat pretty well, my weakness is definitely carbs, and having a program like WW helps me control my cravings. I was so close to my goal weight when we found out I was pregnant, and sometimes I get a little discouraged because I don’t want to have gone backwards with all of my progress, so I’m just really looking forward to getting started again.

Otherwise, I’m just really, really impatient at this point! I have nightly dreams about having the baby and beginning our lives with her, and at this point we’re both just really ready to meet her! In a lot of ways I’m very ready to not be pregnant anymore. It’s hot and I run out of energy really quickly and I waddle everywhere I walk. Obviously I want her to be in there as long as possible to give her ample time to develop and stuff, but I mean, whenever she’s ready, I’m definitely ready! So things are good with us, just anxiously waiting!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.14.23 PM


This might be my favorite one so far.



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  1. Sean says:

    Sorry…I will stop bringing cookies over


    1. saronbryan says:

      Ha! It’s all good.


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