Pregnancy: Week 39

Photo on 8-31-16 at 1.13 PM

Welp, y’all, this is it!! We’re going to the hospital tonight!! But more on that later…

Physical Symptoms

It would seem that every pregnancy discomfort I’ve experienced the past 39 weeks has all peaked within the last few days. My fingers in both hands are pretty much constantly numb, my feet and and hands/arms are swelling pretty much no matter what I do, and every time I change positions I feel this weird pop in my pelvis (like my hips are popping, which is new). I’ve also been getting these weird dizzy spells where I’ll just be sitting or standing in one place, not changing positions or anything, and I’ll get dizzy and see stars. Of course my doctor is privy to all of these weird little things, but man, is pregnancy a doozy!

Emotional Symptoms

Or as I’ve come to call it, story time! So Josh and I  went in for our regular appointment this morning. I was aware that we would be doing another cervix check like last week, partially because last week I’d made pretty much zero progress and he wanted to check again, which I was fine with. There was also a med student in the office today that we got to meet, so that was super cool! She was really sweet and reassuring. Anyway, I went over all of the above symptoms with the doctor, and he (and the med student) seemed especially concerned at the rate in which the carpal tunnel has been progressing. In my right hand, my finger tips at least are constantly numb, even with the splint on. When I take the splint off for whatever reason, the rest of the hand goes numb and my wrist starts hurting. Lately I’ve always been waking up with pretty intense pain and numbness in my left hand, which is new. It’s gotten to the point where I’m dropping things because I can’t feel my hands, which is a little scary. Anyway, he did the cervix check and I’d effaced a little bit more but hadn’t begun dilating. This, in combination with a lot of other things we’ve been discussing over the last couple of weeks, lead to a conversation about induction. He definitely gave us the option of not doing anything at all, but Josh and I had talked about it previously and we were totally okay with it, especially if the doctor thought it was best. After the exam (and a brief ultrasound to confirm that she’s still in a favorable position) today, he did recommend it. I like that he’s cautious and proactive, and this is going to sound so sappy, but I really think we were blessed with a doctor who has both of those qualities, because it eases my anxiety so much.

ANYWAY. So he asked us what date we would like for the induction, and we were like, well, what do you recommend? And he was like, well, we can probably get you in tonight! And we were like, UM YES LET’S DO IT. He walked us through how it’s going to go and Josh and I are both very comfortable with it, and we’re very aware of the pros and cons of induction. We’re mostly just SO EXCITED because pretty much within two or three days tops, we’re going to have our sweet baby with us! I was just telling a friend of mind and my mom how glad I was that I did a bunch of chores yesterday (dishes, laundry, vacuuming), because now the house is all clean and ready for a baby! It still feels a little surreal to me…like I haven’t really grasped yet that we’re going into the hospital tonight, only to leave with our baby. I keep thinking back to Christmas day when I found out I was pregnant and I seriously can’t believe that it’s time to have her. Pregnancy has, without a doubt, been one of the most challenging times of my life, but now it all finally feels worth it.

So yeah, the next blog post I make will probably be more of a postpartum update because WE’LL HAVE A BABY!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.59.52 PM

How fitting that the last sizer picture I’ll have is of a musical instrument.


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