Life with Lily: Three Month Update

Lily is THREE MONTHS OLD! Well, she’s more like 3 1/2 months old at the time of writing this, but, you know. I realize that I have gone from posting every week to posting more like every other month, so, sorry about that. But having a baby is busy!

So, she is doing all kinds of stuff now. She smiles at people she likes (and she’s really picky, so if you get a smile, feel very special), she’s grabbing stuff, which is both adorable and annoying (bye bye, jewelry). She is this close to rolling over. I’ve had my phone out videoing her so many times, hoping to catch it, but it hasn’t happened quite yet. I’m seriously predicting that by the end of December she’ll have it down. Because of this, I’m weaning her off the the swaddle, because the AAP recommends not swaddling once the baby is rolling over. I’ve been dreading this since she was born, because I’m very dependent on the swaddle, but so far it’s going pretty good. We have one arm out right now, and she actually likes it more anyway because she can suck on her hand.

She’s beginning to enjoy tummy time more and can go for longer periods without totally losing it. She’s also found her voice and loves to “talk” to me and her jungle friends! She also loves looking at the lights on the Christmas tree and and the fireplace app that I have on the TV. I sometimes read out loud to her from whatever book I’m reading at the moment and she really enjoys that.

Basically y’all, she’s the perfect baby. She doesn’t really fuss unless she’s hungry or sleepy, and those are both easy things to remedy. She’s so happy and social, and she’s just awesome. I feel so lucky to have her.

Over the course of Lily’s life so far, I’ve discovered something about myself that I find rather shocking. I’m turning into sort of a crunchy mama. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a crunchy mama at all, but I just never thought that would be one. We’re making the transition over to cloth diapers, one, because it’s waaaaay cheaper in the long run, and two, I just started feeling like, incredibly guilty about every diaper I threw away, because it’s all just going into a landfill. Now, I would say that I’m a person that cares about the environment, but like…I don’t really actively do that much to try to save it, so that guilt kind of came out of left field. But I feel really strongly about it so we decided to do it! While it is cheaper in the long run, the up-front cost is higher so we’re slowly making the transition. I’ve ordered about a day’s worth and I’m waiting for them to come in, so once they do we’ll do cloth every other day or so, and then slowly add to our stash.

I dunno, I’m just surprised about all the crunchy things that I do. I use coconut oil on her skin because I just think it’s a little cleaner (and cheaper than expensive organic baby lotion or whatever), I do a lot of baby-wearing, etc. But I also realized something about all of the crunchy things that I do: I do them because they’re cheaper, easier, or both. I guess I just surprised myself, because I never really thought I’d be one to worry about chemicals in stuff that I use for Lily or whatever, but I feel this like, intense need to protect her and her body in whatever way I can, while I still have control over it. I guess it’s just funny to me.

So yeah, lots of stuff going on in our lives! I’ve begun observing an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), because I’m now in pursuit of also becoming an IBCLC. I’ll also begin shadowing an OBGYN in January, and I’m sooooooo excited about that. I’m really happy with my decision not to resume classes until the fall, because it’s giving me plenty of time to get all of these observation hours, and it’s giving me plenty of time with sweet Lily.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a very blessed and merry Christmas!


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