I’m a 22 year old student with my bachelor’s in psychology. I’m married to the coolest guy and I’m currently doing some post-bacc work to get my med school pre-requisites out of the way. This blog is mostly for me to remember my life, but you can read it, too.


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  1. Mary Bower says:

    Thank you for so eloquently speaking the truth. Your post about the evil events in Charlottesville was fantastic.


  2. Mary says:

    A compelling and truthful article. Thank you for being willing to share.


  3. hap4302 says:

    Your piece on Charlottesville was truly fantastic! I need to make that clear up front and then let you know about an awkward typo in the
    soft racism” paragraph. You referred to a “fanatic” podcast and I’m pretty sure you meant “fantastic.”

    It’s a minor thing within a wonderful piece of writing, so I hesitated to bring it up — but quite honestly would have wanted you to let me know if you spotted something like it in any of my work. (And goodness knows, I’m a typo KING!)

    My best to you. Please keep your quill fresh and the ink flowing.

    Warm Regards and Highest Esteem,
    Cliff W. Gilmore, PhD
    CEO, North of Center, LLC
    “Lead to Serve to Live to Lead”


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